The Studio by Innutra also offers weight management counseling for those seeking personal guidance on their weight loss and weight management journey. We realize that being comfortable with your weight and your body is a very personal issue. That’s why we treat our clients with the upmost respect and confidentiality.

The Innutra Body Transformation Center is operated by industry veterans Jim and Jen Ayres. Combined Jim and Jen have over 40 years experience in the weight loss and weight management industry. The two have helped thousands of people across the United States with their weight loss and weight management coaching, meal planning, supplementation regimens, exercise programs and emotional and spiritual coaching.

Jim has been a product developer, motivational speaker and weight loss coach for over 20 years. He is the Founder and CEO of Innutra, LLC dba Innovative Nutrition. Jim has helped thousands of people achieve great success in their lives through physical transformations. Some of Jim’s subjects have lost more than 250 pounds and have transformed their lives.

Quote from Jason:

“I owe so much to Jim Ayres and Innutra, they helped give me my life back, they helped give my wife and daughter a husband and father they both deserved to have. I’m experiencing things now that I would have never been able to experience had it not been for the lifestyle change that I committed to with my surgery along with the amazing products and supplements and all of the support and guidance I received from Jim and the Innutra family. My journey is far from over, it’s only just beginning!” ~ Jason C.

Jen is the Founder of The Studio by Innutra and is certified in the fields of personal training, group fitness training, youth fitness, and is a certified Weight Management Specialists. Jen has been an advocate in the health and wellness industry for more than 2 decades. Her coaching and encouragement have positively impacted her client’s lives. Jen’s passion to help people achieve a better quality of life through health and wellness is unrelenting. She works tirelessly and goes above and beyond for each of her clients to ensure their successes.

“Jen Ayres is a fitness expert who educates, encourages and inspires. Her boundless positive energy and incredible depth of health knowledge has helped me stay on track with achieving a healthier lifestyle. She truly has been there every step of my fitness journey–whether in a training session, checking on me after the workout, or sharing food recipes and tips. She has become my fitness navigator–helping me through an injury, a busy schedule and any other obstacles that have come up. I’ve learned from her never to give up. I’m stronger, healthier and ultimately happier. It’s not just a workout with Jen…quite simply, she is amazing.” ~ Lisa T.

If you’ve been struggling with weight and are ready to get on the right track, Innutra’s Body Transformation Center is here to help. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact Jim Ayres @