With over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry, Mr. Ayres has several successful consumer product launches in the mass and specialty retail channels of distribution as well as direct response channels; including television advertisements.  Jim has a seasoned line of experience that combines unique product ideation, applied science and marketing.  Jim gets involved in every project that Ayres&Associates takes on and has a knack for transforming very technical detail to an easy to understand message that can resonate with and be retold by people. Mr. Ayres has founded several successful companies and developed nutritional products that have grossed over $500 Million worldwide.   Jim is a motivational speaker and his health and wellness coaching has helped thousands of lives across the globe. The areas of Mr. Ayres’ expertise include body morphology and weight management, sports nutrition, general health and wellness.  Mr. Ayres has had an extensive career including Executive Vice President of Nova Pharmaceuticals, Inc., VP and Chairman of Gold’s Gym Nutrition, VP of Business Development for a global natural product company, founder and CEO of Innutra, and founder and CEO of Ayres&Associates. Jim’s passion is to help others achieve a better quality of life through nutritional products, science and innovation, education, motivation and lifestyle coaching. E. jim@ayres-co.com