Why Use A Personal Trainer?
1. You are not seeing results
2. You don’t know where to start
3. You are tired of the same routine
4. You need to be challenged
5. Sports Specific Training
6. New ideas and enhanced training routine
7. Safety and exercise efficiency
8. Rehabbing an injury

Personal Training Package Features
A complete BMI assessment will help our trainers design a custom nutrition program for your training goals. No two meal plans are alike, and each plan is individualized to meet the clients needs and expectations.

After going through a full body assessment with your personal trainer the real fun will begin. A Power Pros Professional will design a custom training routine incorporating every major component of fitness: Strength Training, Stability, mobility, endurance, and Flexibility Training are key principles in every Power Pros Training Program.

Cardiovascular Training
A custom cardio plan will be designed by a Power Pros Personal Trainer to work with your resistance training and nutrition plan. Target Heart Rate training, and interval training are commonly used to ensure each client is exercising in the correct zones.